Nike M1 Aero BBCOR bat review


Nike M1 Aero BBCOR bat review


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Price: $199

The 2012 M1 Aero talks the talk and walks the walks. With stunning good looks and performance to back it up, the 2012 Nike M1 Aero has set Nike's BBCOR lineup apart.

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The 2012 Nike M1 Aero BBCOR baseball bat features a metal barrel and carbon handle. The barrel consistes of Zr91 metal joined with the reactive carbon handle that creates terrific bat speed and feel for the hitter. Nike’s BBCOR selection is limited but where the company lacks quantity, it makes up for it in quality. Like last year’s model, the 2012 M1 Aero checks in with high marks across the board. The Aero end cap helps maximize bat speed while the bat is also known for its balanced feel.

Performance: 9
Design: 10
Dependability: 9
Features: 8
Price: 9
Warranty: 7
Grip: 8
Sweet Spot: 9
Pop: 10
Availability: 9 Rating: 88/100 Video Review:

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